The One Who Does Not Know What Love Is

The One Who Does Not Know What Love Is

Love is ambiguous, a word here that means “open to more than one interpretation.” As such, there are countless “interpretations” of not the word, although there are many, but of the feeling it represents.

But that is the “thing”, isn’t it? Love is more than a feeling. Love is a state of being. It is spoken and unspoken, shown and hidden, appreciated and criticized, reciprocated and denied, felt and unfelt, present and absent. But when Love is present (here, there), “it’s everywhere.” For a few (a lot, actually), “Love is a religion”, “Love is everything”. Love is everything.

Since Love is also Hate (or is Hate also Love?), because everyone will agree of the fine (inexistent) line that separated (links?) Love from (to?) Hate -and since everything is either one or the other, black or white (or white or black, but more on that later…) – then everything is Love.

And if everything is Love, then, of course, obviously, for sure, Love is, unconditionally, everything.

Now, this is the story of the One (let’s call him Guy) that doesn’t know what Love is. This is the story of the Guy that wants everything. He wants his everything. And he’s found it. He’s found her.

He loves her. She is his everything. He Loves her. Now, how does he know? How can he tell her that he Loves her, when Love is unspeakable, when Love is mostly shown, felt and transpired? How does he show her? How does he make her believe in his Love for her?

He knows because his heart flutters (no literality here) when he sees her.
He knows because he can’t help smiling when he hears her laugh.
He knows because he finds her beautiful, all the time, wearing anything, with or without glitters.
He knows because he wants her.
He knows because he isn’t scared of a future together.
He knows because there is no question in his mind when he thinks of a future together.
He knows because it pains him to leave her in the morning
He knows because he’s willing to change everything, even himself, for her.
He knows because her words are worth more to him than anyone else’s.
He knows because she is his inspiration.
He knows because she is his motivation.
He knows because he cannot get enough of her.
He knows because she is his everything.

That’s all fair and cute, but is that really what Love is?

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses. -AL

Love is jealousy. Love is happiness. Love is freedom. Love is hardships. Love is accepting defeat. Love is accepting challenges. Love is overcoming obstacles. Love is faith. Love is trust. Love is beautiful. Love is ugly. Love is everything. Love is Love.